Yellow Submarine Holiday`s

Susidised holidays for people with learning disabilities

We are a ‘not for profit’ organisation that provides holidays and activities for people with learning disabilities, respite for carers, and training and volunteering opportunities for the community

FUNNY NAME We wanted people to think wonderful travel and happy times rather than anything to do with the song

Each month we have scheduled short breaks led by 2 staff and 2 volunteers going to various ‘FUN LOCATIONS’. We take groups of up to six people with similar interests – we hope participants will have a good time on holiday and also ‘MAKE NEW FRIENDS’

Additionally we can also help organise a ‘BESPOKE HOLIDAY’ designed just for you, and if you likeyour friends as well.

For our group holidays we usually stay in a ‘LARGE COTTAGE’ where you either have your ownroom or share a twin room. in the evenings we make tasty MEALS TOGETHER, watch films and usually do some kind of art project, quiz or game.

In the day time we do activities such as site seeing, visiting ATTRACTIONS, bowling and the odd visit to the pub, day and night we always seem to drink lots and lots of CUPS OF TEA and coffee.

Once you add up transport, accommodation, food and staff support then holidays do seem to cost a lot. We recognise this and do our best to make holidays AFFORDABLE. We fundraise so that the cost is SUBSIDISED and we also have grants available for people with out financial assistance wouldn’t have a holiday.

Our upcomimg holidays are on our website or if you call we’ll send a brochure. We will always COME AND MEET YOU to discuss further

CALL 01865 249662 to learn more or visit

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