Disabled People`s Budget Consultation Meeting on the 8th December

One Voice is hosting a meeting to give disabiled meeting a chance to have a say about the budget cuts.

A lot of money as to be cut from the council budget and we need to make sure that those cuts dont fall to heavily on disabled people in the City.

So we are asking disabilied people from disabiled grouos in the City to come and let the council know where they think the cuts should be made.

We have booked the board room at the Molineux Stadium on Thursday the 8th December from 11:00 until 1:00. Taking on board your comments, I have booked refreshments on arrival and then at 12:00 so we can have a break. Molineux assure me the room is fully accessible and that there is an accessible toilet right by the board room.

If people can arrive through the main entrance staff will direct them to the room. Hope that’s enough information to go on for now. Please contact One Voice on 01902 810016 or text 07932 017007 or Email: mail@1voice.org.uk

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