Please Check out this LGBT Survey

LGBT Survey for people in and around Wolverhampton

In partnership with Wolverhampton City Council, an LGBT survey is being conducted to better understand LGBT people in and around Wolverhampton. This will improve our understanding of the diverse, often hidden community. Please complete the survey online please contact LGBT Wolverhampton if you require a paper copy or support to complete.

Information about LGBT people is vital to ensure services meet the needs of this section of our community.

Why share your information? It helps to shape local services and ensure the needs of local people are met, if they don’t know about us they can’t support us.

Is Big brother watching? Our survey is confidential, we don’t ask asking your name and we only ask for the first part of your postcode. We won’t know who has filled in the survey.

Who gets to know? The information you share on the survey will contribute to us gathering statistics and information, which will mainly be used as statistical data to help us to improve the lives of LGBT people who live, work and/or socialise in Wolverhampton. This is a step towards making Wolverhampton a better place for LGBT people to be.

Pressure to say more than you feel comfortable with? We ask you to answer the first 3 questions, to ensure we are reaching the right people, after that, all questions are optional.

Influencing local services – we really can’t moan about how awful services are if they don’t know what we need. LGBT Wolverhampton can campaign for better services if we know about previous experience, help us to make a case for all LGBT people in Wolverhampton.

Please click on the link now to complete the survey

For anymore information please contact Martha Bishop from the
LGBT Network Tele: 01902 425092 or Email:

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